Starting Up With Life

This is my first post on my anew blog. I’ve heard so much about blogging that I decided to give it a try.
First of all, let me have the (so unrequited!) privilege of introducing myself:
My name’s Rajnish. A teenage guy from India. I believe in being different from others, standing on your opinions and emerging victorious through any known unknown challenge in life.
Friends say I am cool, humble, helpful, different, smart, humorous, and a very mature and balanced person ( though I would prefer you discover me yourself!)
I am a teenage here, to help others and share what I’ve learned about life. Don’t think I am inexperienced! You are committing a blunder! I have done literally all things in life, tried everything because I believe in Living Life. I’ve always been searching for some answers regarding life….
What we are? Who we are? How we are? Why do we do things? Why is this life give to us? Etc. Etc.
(Seems like an spiritual class, isn’t it??? But don’t worry I’m gonna make it
So tune in guys… Teenagers are welcome (to share) and elders too (to help)….
Let’s begin!
        Wanna Learn?? Join in with me


Wanna learn. Join in?

“Learning is the ultimate goal in life.”
                                              – #Raa

(Author’s note: If you liked this small blog of mine, there is a humble request to you to please share it because I know I have a lot to learn and a lot to teach.)



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