Consequences of Pain…

You know they say,” Pain teaches us the lessons of life.
I agree.
Yes, they do; but today let me take you to the consequences of that lesson, that pain…
I always loved a girl, I still do but she was the opposite side of me… I was the speaker, she was the silence, I was the naughty, she was the calmness…
But yes, she was not perfect just like me. And our relationship faced a lot of ups and downs but the problem with me was that I was far too sensitive and as a result; at the end of it, at the end of pain, I could just be happy that finally it was over…
Gradually, I realised I had changed a lot… for both positive and negative. I had become more understanding, more calm, more prone to disappointments… Initially, I was happy that I had learned so much from my pain, but…..
Slowly, slowly I started realising the bad effects….
I… I… The person who used to find happiness in the smallest of things, started searching for pain everywhere… Gradually I was losing my appetite, my confidence, my strength…
Every now and then, I became upset because of the distance between us… And her silent nature at this crucial time killed me….


Just the way It played with me...

I started realising how weak and fragile my heart had become, how I was losing hope….
And even more painful was to know that my love was the very reason behind it….
I was losing myself somewhere….
Didn’t knew if I would be able to get back to my self again…
As a matter of fact, I didn’t know what was happening with me….
What I did know was that….
It was the consequence of my pain….

to be continued….



2 thoughts on “Consequences of Pain…

  1. Tell you what,
    Pain is and never should be a displeasure. It signifies your strength. Be happy when is find its way to you, because you’ll be experiencing something new, something out of your comfort zone and if that’s not what life is, then what is? 🙂

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