Dealing with the cruelties of teenage life

Life of a teenager is never easy. There are so many times we stumble, break down but still get up for a new tomorrow. “Tomorrow gives us hope, Hope that we’ll get a better tomorrow.”
This statement is so ironic but alas so true!

I, myself, have seen the cruelties of life.
We always think that our problems are the biggest ( no denying that! ) but that is true. Yes, our problems are the biggest for us because they are our problems….
When we love someone, and we don’t get the same love In Return, we get hurt.
But the thing we ought to remember, that all the pain we are going through, is temporary, but the lesson it will teach us; will stay with us throughout our lives…
I am writing this blog at 12 in the morning when everyone is asleep and the reason being that I cant sleep, I cant sleep with so much of pain in my heart and so much to say in my mind.
There are times that we feel wretched, broken and alone. It’s the time we need someone to listen to us, our pain, and to console us.
But it’s also the time when no one is there with us, to console us; ’cause the “pain demands to be felt and it demands to be felt alone.


Do you have those scars?

There have been times harder than this in my life and there will be times even harder but I’ll have to survive. We’ll have to survive because that’s the reason we live and that’s the way to live.

(Author’s note: If you liked this small blog of mine, there is a humble request to you to please share it because I know I have a lot to learn and a lot to teach.)



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