My Sleeping Love….

I return from office, tired and weary. I knock on the door of my house thrice but no reaction. Usually when I came back home, she used to come running and hug me tightly and say, ” I missed you, Welcome back.”
But today nothing of that kind happened. I got worried and shouted her name thrice.
No response.
I pushed the door a bit and to my surprise, I found it open !
I entered the house and started searching for her, simultaneously shouting her name but she she was not on the first floor.
Then I went to the bedroom of the first floor and as I opened the gate….
There she was!
Lying in a blissful position and sleeping with utter calmness.
I was a bit angry on her for leaving the house open, but as soon as I saw her sleeping, I forgot all my anger and worries.

I never knew she looked so beautiful while sleeping, I just stood there and kept watching her for time to the infinity….

But suddenly,
There was a sound! Something like growling. Initially, I got afraid but then I realised it was my stomach, growling for food. I decided to let her sleep,  i dared not disturb my princess…

Changed into domestic clothes, I was ready to cook. With my hunger at its peak, I still found myself cooking very peacefully and happily. Not even a bit of anger on my wife for making me work when I was already tired…

Yes, this was my love for her. It could never outgrow my anger and irritation, a result of our 10 years of love, trust and care.


I couldn't stop staring....

While cooking, I suddenly remembered how we first met….
How I became a fan of her on the first sight, how I kept staring at her without her knowledge….
It was…..

Date : 30 June
Time : Mid-day

I had to meet one of my so called friend cum sister, to discuss my holiday homework.
A student in class 9 with intelligence and chubbiness !
I reached her place and entered the room where my friend was sitting. Suddenly, ( God knows why! ) I turned my eyes to the left side of the room and there she was…. Looking and smiling at me and I completely lost in her eyes… 💑

to be continued…..

(Author’s note: The picture of the girl is not real.
It is my first trial at writing a story, deeply connected with my own life. If you liked it, then please you are humbly requested to share, only your comments will appreciate me to write more. Thank you !



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