Life is full of it. You try to fight them but they leave you broken.
When you love someone, you really expect them to care for you, give you love…. But the truth is it never happens.
If you expect in love, you regret in love.
All these things are easy to say but the truth is, yes, one expects, one hopes… And one disappoints himself.
I never would have known all this if she wouldn’t have entered my life, if she wouldn’t have taught me how to love.
I learned a lot in love but in the process the real me got destroyed. How I was a cheerful, happy guy and now I am just a sulky guy who cries a lot ’cause he cares a lot. A guy all alone in this large world, a guy about whom no one gives a damn for. A guy who knows how to laugh but have forgot how to smile…

All because of your love.


Hope keeps me going.

I don’t say its your fault, it’s completely mine. I just love too much and my expectations hurt me….
But just once I beg you, come and look into my heart, you will find yourself in it.
But that heart of mine is cracking, please save it, that’s all i ask….

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