Learning V/S Studying

Live to learn. Learn to live.
We often mistake learning with studying. As a student, I know most of my co- mates run after rote learning to get a good score… And then they compare each other. I mean it’s really sad because everyone is different with innumerable different talents. Such type of attitude is in almost every student and this attitude needs to change if we want the globe to develop and prosper. Students need to understand that rote learning is of no use.
“One gets educated to understand all the things that happen around him, to get a sense of his life.”
But the truth is that people only educate themselves to earn money.
I am completely aware that we do need money to survive but we don’t need money to live and we have been given this life to live and love not to survive.


Live life.

Education system needs to focus more on learning rather than teaching. I alone cannot bring the change but yes I am willing to start.
I also don’t say education system is bad. It’s evolving but there are many things we need to change.
Let’s join hands and bring a change in us to bring a change in world.

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2 thoughts on “Learning V/S Studying

  1. iamuslimah says:

    Totally agree. I’m addicted to learning. I’ll seek out opportunities, be it secular, or religious, I feel without learning life is stagnant. I think it’s important to “love” learning, and not do it for marks, or anything else. Once you learn because you want to, you become very very addicted to it. It’s a beautiful thing.

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