Just Once A Week….

I hate when I see you smile just once a week…
I hate when I hear your voice just once a week…
I hate when I can stare at you just once a week…
I hate when we meet just once a week…

God seems quite unfair sometimes, when he keeps you away from the only thing that you ever want. I don’t know what lesson he plans to give me through this but I know I hate it…

But what can one actually do?
But maybe some day all will make sense, maybe one day I’ll get the love which I deserve, maybe one day you will be MINE….

People say to me, what’s the use of loving someone who doesn’t even bother to ask your whereabouts?
What can I actually say to them?
I know it’s not my fault, I know it’s not her fault… But still I always be patient, I always be quiet… Waiting, just waiting….

I know I would have got many girls whom I wished for, but still I stick around because I love You…
But somehow that’s not enough for me, I am not that perfect. I am just ordinary guy who just like other boys wants to spend some time with the girl he loves but who unlike other guys, never gets the chance to…. 😟


Love??? Or is it just Pain??

But against all odds,
I hope.
No matter how many times I break down, no matter how many times I fall,
I join myself and get up.
‘Cause I believe;
I believe in you O Lord and I believe in my love.
No one gets to enjoy the pain, Thank You for giving me the chance.

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