Nights ….

Worst time of the day.
Brings out all the negativity in us.
I have always noticed it. Whenever I am sick, hurt or broken; night is the time when my heart cries, my brain aches, my love dies….
It’s usually the time I can’t focus, I can’t study, literally it’s the time I can’t do anything.
During night, I always try to sleep because I know morning will heal me, help me to look forward on to next day rather than dwelling on to past and just thinking about my mistakes.

We all face a lot of ups and downs. We struggle each day to find happiness. That’s life. That’s living.
We can’t escape nights (pain), but we can surely hope for a better morning (happiness).


Another way of perspective is the lesson pain teaches us. But many of us are unable to see it because we are too lost in our ego or our problems.
We lose hope….
I have given many examples of it in my previous posts.

” If my life wouldn’t have been cruel, I wouldn’t have learnt to value it.”
Always remember it and strive for life each day, with a new hope, new strength, new love, a new you.

Best of Luck.
( I need that too, my papers are starting! )

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