Sensitivity: A beauty…

I tried my best. Always.
I know I can’t be what you want, but I know I am what you need.
“Almighty knows I ain’t perfect and maybe not the best future you can have; but I know No one can love you more than I do….
In the end, that’s all that matters….

Love  can put you through hell sometimes, but It will teach you how to value the heaven.”
                                              – Rajnish Jha
Yeah, I wrote it…
No doubt, people always say I am a very sensitive person and I am aware of this fact. I have felt it.
Most of us are… Who are usually heart- broken or on whom God has been too cruel… We become sensitive, yes, but let me tell you, it’s no wrong!
Never think of yourself as someone stupid who cries and feels bad unnecessarily when other people don’t!

Sensitivity is not a bane, nor it’s a boon, but it’s something so unique and so powerful; that when put in right use…. It can work wonders.
That’s me, again.


Be proud to be sensitive...

So be proud of yourself, if you are a sensitive person.
There will be times when you will hate yourself, fight with yourself, stop loving yourself ; at that time remember you are God’s most beautiful creation.
Trust in yourself.
Believe in yourself.
Love yourself.

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