Tell Me What To Do?

Can anyone tell me what should I do?
Things have gone completely wrong in my life. Nothing has been okay between us, at least for me, because she says nothing has happenend.
Then why am I so hurt and broken? Why do I feel as if I want to leave, to go away?
I love her.
She loves me.
There’s no changing that.
Then why can’t everything be okay?
Why cant I have happines????
My hear aches as I write this post, but it’s the only way for me to feel better.
I have always given lectures to people on love, advices to those who needed it and they… They always appreciated it, always said I am right.
Then why?
Then why can’t I take a decision for myself?
Why am I blinded with my emotions?

She taught me what it means to love, and now she is one who has left me all alone in my worst of the days.
She says she is angry, but can someone’s anger be bigger than their love?
People say I am an idealistic. Dad says I am way too honest. Friends say I care too much for her.
Is it wrong? Wrong to believe that if you love someone you should be loved back?


Is it so???

She said to someone,” He’s getting on my nerves!
How can someone say that for the one they love? Even in anger?
My soul had got divided in two parts – One, favouring her; Two, favouring truth…
Whom should I follow? I am in chaos.

I don’t do anything….  Anything at all.
But today I’ve decided I want to take a decision but I can’t … So I leave it to her.

How can I go?
I am such a sensitive guy. I can’t see anyone cry in front of me, even if I don’t care for him/her.
Then how can I leave her?
Knowing she will cry. The girl whom I love the most in this world.
What can I do?


10 thoughts on “Tell Me What To Do?

  1. Heartfelt. Been in a similar situation. I ended up walking away. Not that I didn’t love the person. It took strength. Strength I didn’t know that I had. But I did it because I had put my worth on the shelf. No matter how much you love someone you have to learn that you have to stay only where you are being fully appreciated . Anger is a natural emotion however, one should not stay angry with people they love. After a while of cooling off, they should work things out and move on.

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  2. I wish it would work that way, that the person you love would have to love you back… the man I Iove is a sex addict and has to be seeing a bunch of woman all the time, very sad to have lost him but can’t deal with that… I hope you have better luck than I did and if you figure all this love stuff out, let me know! much love and light to you. Michelle

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