The Decision

If you guys read my last post, I said I would leave the decision to her and you wanna know what she said?
“I want to leave him. I don’t think we are compatible. If we are meant to be together, destiny will bring us together.
I was offered two choices – My parents or Him and I chose my parents. It will be difficult but I will forget him.”

This was my love.
Love of which I was always proud. Hahaha!

I had never thought life would bring me to such a time. So much of agony, so much of pain, so much of repentance but still…
No anger….
No hatred….

You know they say,” You really love someone if you cant hate them for breaking your heart.

And as a matter of fact, I don’t hate her.
I just accepted her decision, felt bad that she broke all her promises, cried a lot and left it as it was.

Left it on time.
Though yes, I believe in getting up and doing things what I want and the way I want but in matters like Love, there is nothing one can do.
Yes, I could have gone up to her and asked her why she did this but what would be the use?
If she didn’t love me anymore, what would have been the use of dragging it up?
Taking up the poison of hate slowly and slowly?



But, three things I would like to tell all my readers….
1) You mustn’t say ever,” If destiny would have wanted, we would be together.” Destiny does nothing, it is just a reflection of what has happened. Future is still in your hands. Do what your heart tells you to.
2) Your parents/your Love is never ever a choice. Love can never be compared to your parents, both are necessary in their places but yes, in a age like mine no one gives important to love. ( and maybe you shouldn’t… ‘Cause I did and it killed me. )
3) If you truly love someone, your anger will never be greater than your love. If you get angry on him/her easily and for long time or start hating him/her very fast, then believe me you are not in love.

I learned a lot today but at the cost of my fragile heart.
That’s just one of the prices you pay in Love….

(Authors note: If you liked this small article of mine, please share it to encourage me. Thank you! And I really need your blessings and wisdom…)



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