A marriage attended…

You know it’s human nature to always think about the thing it loves the most.
In my case, it was her I was used to think the most about. It was my favourite pass time.

A couple of days back, I attended the marriage of my uncle.
The day she entered my life, I started loving attended marriages.. I always used to think how beautiful she would look in the saree and how I would not be able to see her till my marriage was over…etc etc.

Now I know how stupid I was… To believe that she was mine… Never even thought that if she ever considered me hers….

The bride was quite beautiful, cute, fair, small (just like her) that I was fascinated… Once again lost in my dreams. Looking around how happy everyone was and how lonely I was. But, I had gone their for a change. A change which would get me out of this pain. So, I tried my best to enjoy with my family and in someway I succeeded.

Now, I feel how I left everything, my family, my dreams, my wishes for her… How stupid I was??
And how she left me for her family, her wishes….
Was this my fate??

On my way back, I couldn’t stop my eyes from leaking, I was hurt… For all my dreams were shattered, for all my positivity about the future, gone….


Yes, I do...

She says she loves me but she can’t love me the way I wanted her to….
Is there any way to love???
Wow! A whole new concept. But I got my answer, she always considered me just a friend (special friend she said) and I stupid enough to fall in love with her…

Is this how a friend behaves?
Yesterday, I saw her waiting alone for her friends, I stayed there; a few steps away… She saw me but tried her best to hide herself… Not even looked once at me… Pretending she was reading…
What a friendship??!!
Still, I stayed there, waiting for her friends along with her, ’cause…’cause I still couldn’t leave her alone.. The boys are not good in our area… I had to protect her (the thing I loved the most) from any harm, so I stayed and when her friends arrived… I left….
And no one cared to stop me….
No one cared to ask their so called ‘friend’…

People tell me to move on…
Is love something to be moved on from??

More new questions arriving each day, more new tears falling every day and there she is ineffective from my condition…. Not even a single try to ask me how I am, when I can’t stop thinking about her….

Just remember one thing my friends, don’t ever love too much, cause that too much really hurts so much….

“Pyaar ka matlab haasil karna nahi hota…”
Love doesn’t mean to have…

” Jahan pyaar hota hai wahan naarazagi nahi hoti, umeed hoti hai…”
Where there is love, there is no hatred or anger, there is only hope….

With this I end,


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