Voice of A Broken Heart..

Lying on bed.
Tears flowing down my cheek. They feel hot on this cold face of mine.
Heart wants to cry. Shout out all the things it had kept inside. Bring out all the pain.
Feel like ending my life but I know I will have to live.
Trying to live.
Fake smile on face.
Sad but making others laugh.
Bring a smile on their face.

This is how I am….
After you left me all alone.

People used to say that this world was selfish, uncaring but I never believed.
I always believed in finding the good qualities in others.
That’s how I was. A stupid, idealistic, caring person before she left me.
Now I am just a lonely, broken, and still a caring person after she left me.
I don’t how to throw my heart out… ‘Cause this goddamn still cares for her, still only thinks of her, still loves her with every fibre of it.
Can’t stop crying. I am tired of keeping all those emotions inside of me.

Please come back.
I promise I will keep you happy, don’t ever demand for anything, do everything and I will always love you.

I never thought I would be so fragile.
And you…you would break that fragile heart. Break it to pieces.

I don’t know what to do….
People ask me to move on. I think I should but I don’t feel like.
Why don’t people tell this to stupid heart of mine who doesn’t stop loving her???

I knew my Love was true O God! Why are you testing it? It’s hurting me. Please stop it.
I feel so lonely, sad, depressed ……
Still these tears won’t stop. Stupid me again.


Congrats... I am dead.

You know I had a dream of you today. As always you are hiding from my eyes even though I am sitting in front of you.
And when my eyes opened from that dream, I felt like closing them forever cause they wouldn’t just stop leaking !

I still don’t blame you. It’s not your fault. The fault is all mine.
After all these months, I still couldn’t make you understand; how much I Love You.

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