On this Valentines, Let’s criticise….

Initially, I thought writing the title,”On this Valentines, Lets criticise Love…”
But, Love is not something to be criticised; it’s a feeling so pure and true that it must only be felt
People who say they criticise Love, they only criticise Relationships…
I am in no position to criticise anything, I am just here to speak something from my heart.
I have seen what Love is, though I have never been in a relationship. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe in it. If two people love each other, there is no need for them to give it name unnecessarily. Love will always be enough. That is what I believe in.

People use this term ‘relationship’ so often and so meaninglessly that I have lost my belief in it. It might not be wrong to say that I am losing my belief in Love…
She used to say,” Forever seems so small for us…”
Hahaha… Our forever became just too short for us… It ended just in a few months. Does Love end so fast? No, but relationship does!
I still Love her somewhere in my heart but I always keep it hidden. I have locked that part now…
My friend told me once, “ The pain inflicted by one girl can only be relieved by another girl.
I have no idea how much true and relevant this statement is.. But I have also decided to “move on.” (that’s how people put it in words!) But I don’t think I will ever be able to love again
And Love is responsible for this…
So yes maybe in a way, I criticise Love.


Love is a joke...


In the last, a small message for all my dear and same singles,
I thought a lot and I believe that being single has it’s own advantage.
You all must have heard, “Love yourself, then only you will be able to love others..”
So yes, Start Loving Yourself..
You know instead of being angry on your love, be angry on yourself, you know  it’s a lot easier to forgive yourself than to forgive others…

There is a loneliness in me, I feel so alone in this vast world, seeking a happiness which I hope I deserve. Isn’t it God?



3 thoughts on “On this Valentines, Let’s criticise….

  1. nefie says:

    Have faith. You have some relationships to learn something you needed to know. A relationship is want you make it; title or not. It should be deep, you should feel you’d still want to love and befriend a person after break up, because that’s what true love is. It goes beyond simple romantic emotions. I believe, if you don’t feel this you were never in love. And, always be happy that you could love someone like that, regardless anything; some people never feel it. About loneliness, https://wordsofnefie.wordpress.com/2015/12/20/words-of-nefie-121/

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