Sunshine after Rain…

Have you ever noticed the sunshine after rain of many hours?
It’s beautiful.
Try and look at the sky. Covered with clouds. Dark clouds.
A speck of light coming through the hole in that dark covering.
Rays of light falling on you forming a shadow of yours.
All of this scenery symbolises my life, our lives.

Let me tell you.

The Dark Clouds are your days of sadness, your pain, your fragile emotions which you have been holding onto for a long time. Trying desperately not to make them fall as rain.
Your tears, symbolising the rain, emotions, pain which now you have let lose.
The rain falling.
Falling on your loved ones, on those who care for you. Disturbing their peace of mind. Bringing sadness in their lives as well.
You have got to stop this rain.
Rain of your pain.
For them, for yourself.

After the rain,

A hole in that dark field of sky.
You see a speck of sunlight coming through that hole. Sunlight trying very hard to reminisce the dark clouds. Trying again and again, symbolising your trails at forgetting your pain, your trails to forgive those people who have been the reason for this rain.

That speck of light falling on you, light symbolising strength, enlightenment.
Turn. Turn and look back fast.
Your shadow. Your Past. Long gone.
A part of you but still far away if you believe in that light.

( Some of us don’t want that shadow to be away from us because that past, no matter how painful it maybe; is dear to us.
I know that feeling all to well but it is prudent to let go of it.
Or, it will destroy you slowly and slowly. )

You must believe in that light.
I believe in that light.



Sometimes, those dark clouds are again successful in scuttling the sun.
Stop. Stop them.
Don’t let that sun hide again and if it does, give all energy to remove those clouds.
It is a matter of your existence. Your happiness.
Don’t lose.

Now, those dark clouds turning blueish in colour, slowly very slowly, taking their own time. Symbolising your growth.
You are getting stronger with each dark cloud turning blue…

One day,
You will be fine.
Better than what you were yesterday.

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