Something for Lovers….

Lovers fight.
They fight a lot, but never keep it for long.
Misunderstandings happen.
They happen a lot, but don’t let them break you.

In love,
It doesn’t matter how much you fight, it matters how hard you try to join back together.
We always think,
How hard I try to keep us together, but he/she never does… Till when will I try?

But the real question is,
Have I tried once more? Were my trials enough?
If I have then I need not feel sad because I don’t need forced love… Love will find me..

If you guys believe in love,
Then keep trust and have faith.
No doubt, there are times we need break away (to give breakup, we say) but always try one last time…
If you keep thinking you are the only one who tries then that means your ego has stepped in… Because if it would have been love; the statement would have been,” He has stopped trying. Why?? There must have been some reason to it.


Lovers fight, because they are lovers...

Fights are necessary.
They are a proof that you still have a long way to go.
Coming back together is even more necessary.
It will be a proof that you can go a long way together.

To relate it to myself, I can say one if the reasons she left me is that we fought a lot.
But, she never saw how hard both of us tried to bring us back together.
Fight never matters, it will be solved with time; what matters is how much you try to solve it.
I don’t know why she stopped trying but I am writing this article for all those lovers who fight a lot. Be happy about your little fights guys, because it will teach you the importance of your precious moments. Every little fight will teach you more about the person you love, which in time will teach you how to adjust to life.
And that’s a lesson worth learning.

So, I hope you all understood my point, because guys, I have lost someone who I loved dearly and I don’t want the same happen to you.
“It doesn’t matter if it does not work between you, if you love, don’t ever hesitate to make it work.”
In the end,
I would like you to remember one last thing, “If you have a fight, don’t dwell on your love’s flaws, try to find a solution… Because when you fight, you solve, not leave the person who fought.”
Best of Luck.

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