Being Alone…

Hey ! So here is your lonely blogger.
Today let me talk about Being alone…
Life brings change in everyone of us. Isn’t it? It is funny when I look at myself how I used to be a “social guy” and how now I love to spend most of my time alone. How I used to think that she really loved me and how the truth turned out to be she never did…

So how did I become a loner?

I guess all the changes that have come to me are someway or the other connected to her. See, how love affects you. Isn’t it??
She liked to be alone and in the process of understanding her and her emotions, I thought of trying it out. I did all that so that I could save my Love. But I couldn’t. A sad irony.

But now I like being alone. I feel it is necessary. It is necessary to understand yourself, to know that you don’t need anyone to survive, to feel all the emotions that make you, to love yourself….

But let me tell you the difference between being alone and being lonely. There are times when you can be alone, when you have no company but you can never be lonely, because even when you don’t have anyone, you have yourself, dying to speak to you, your emotions, your conscience, your faith… Every single bit that makes you will speak to you. All you gotta do is just listen.
And that is where all people lose. They don’t listen to themselves and that is why they feel lonely.


Be happy when you get lonely...

Let me connect it with my life. Let me show you how I have lived every bit that I speak of….
I just went to attend a marriage in Punjab. I first hesitated because no brother of mine was coming to attend it.
I thought I would get alone and I won’t be able to enjoy but still I went… Why ?? Because, sometimes you need to be alone. You need to try something new. You need to miss people. Because that only will teach you their importance.
On a second face, one can say that whatever happens, happens for good. Yes, I missed my brothers but I made a new friend, so as a matter of fact, I wasn’t lonely. Not a single second.

So, everything that happened, happened for good. Everything that happens, teaches us lesson, and I earnestly hope me and you are grasping all of it.

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18 thoughts on “Being Alone…

  1. I used to be afraid to be alone but now it’s not so bad. However, when I’m alone I get to lost in my thoughts and I go into auto pilot mode so I’m trying to stay connected to the world around me. I really enjoyed reading this post.

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