Not Just Another Philosophy… Or Maybe…

Thoughts. Past. Pain. Love. Not another philosophy.

Morning time is a time when you should be at peace. And if you are not, (like me) damn you need some inspiration…

You know they say,”Changes are inevitable part of our lives.
Yeah, I agree you all already know that. But the question is, Do you believe in it?
They also say,”Everything that happens, happens for good…
Another one of the philosophies. We all are acquainted with this one as well.

But do tell me, What happens if someone you loved dearly, leaves you all alone when you most needed them. You are hurt, you are sad about what happened with you. At that time, people will tell you all kind of philosophies.
(It’s good that it happened, he/she didn’t deserve you etc. etc.)
But the important question is, will you really care about those philosophies at that time?

I have gone through that situation myself and I very well know these philosophies (however good and true they may be), seems nothing but worthless at that time.

Try and put #broken, #hurt, # alone in your app, you will find thousands of heart-touching stories of hurt, betrayal and pain. It is really wrenching to know that you are not alone in this world who have gone through this pain because I know you would never want anyone else to go through that pain. But there are many such people.

So here I am today, for all those people who really know what pain is… I am not here to tell you any other of the philosophies, though I agree I believe in those philosophies. But even more than that I believe in living through them.
I am not here to tell you everything will be okay, one day everything will be fine.
I am not here to tell you this was meant to be and it’s good that it happened.
I am just here to tell you I understand. I know what is it to be in pain. I really want to help you to get out of it. I am here to tell you the importance of this pain….


One day... One day everything will be fine....

We all hate this pain. All that anguish, those tears, a punishment you don’t think you deserved. Still, it happened. It happened with you. You really can’t change it. You will have to face it, cause running away is never an option.
You wanna know what I think???
I think one should enjoy this pain. My friends, there are going to be many more moments in your life when you are going to hurt, sad; it is a part of your life. It will never stop.
You have got no choice but to bear it. But believe, believe that this painful night will have a morning.
You know what your tears symbolise?? They symbolise you are a true human. You know how to care for people. Why should you be sad?
You lost someone who didn’t love you. They should be sad, they lost someone who really loved them. You.

Next morning when you get up, You will be a better person. You would have learned from next time where you will have to stop loving.
You can only know the importance of happiness when you believe in the importance of pain….
Endure the pain cause one day it will end.
Once you are successful in enjoying your pain, you will no longer feel it. That day, you will miss it.
Yes, you will miss the pain.
Yes, that day, you will be a complete human.

Hope my words inspired you to look at the pain in a different manner but I say it again, live the pain. Enjoy the pain.

( Author’s note: If you think this blog of mine inspired you, please share it. You don’t know how many people you might be helping. A humble request. )



19 thoughts on “Not Just Another Philosophy… Or Maybe…

  1. Indeed, a positive outlook can help to just go on with life, rather than ending it, or hiding under a blanket 24/7.
    But the joy…. has gone, and trust (that life can be fun and beautiful) cannot be found again.


  2. I like your positive spirit; however life has taught me that things aren’t as easy as turning the problem around and around until it looks less terrible.
    When someone left, the gap can never be filled, even when the pain hurts less.

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