Hurting Someone’s Feelings

That’s the last thing I want to do on this Earth.
I consider it the greatest sin of all. It is really confusing sometimes even to me but I truly believe in God (There  some experiences which made me believe in Him).I believe He is watching everything from His Kingdom.
So, if you come to me after breaking my heart, I will forgive you (I always do) but it is not me whom you should be asking for. It’s Him, the Almighty.
For the sin you have done is the greatest of all, baddest of all, so ask forgiveness from Him.


And it's true....

You want to know why I am saying it?
We always hear; Whatever A Person Does Comes Straight Back To Him.
So if you have hurt someone’s feelings, broken someone’s heart, then one bad day your feelings would also get hurt, one unfortunate day your heart will also be broken.
And I know you would never want that.
That unrepairable, unbearable pain.
So, I request you, if you have ever even by mistake hurt someone’s feelings, ask forgiveness from him/her.
Believe me it’s necessary.

When you are broken, the thing which hurts the most is the memories.
Knocking on the door of your mind every single day, anytime.
It is been some days that I have been fine. I have been living. Starting to have fun. But every night, when I close my eyes….
You are the first thought that comes to mind.
Every night, you are the first tear that falls of my cheeks.
The first drop of salty water that runs down my cheek, every night.

After all these days, you are still there, somewhere. That Love, for you, still hidden somewhere.
You were my most beautiful dream and now you are my worst nightmare.

But I know, you are now nothing more than… A fragile feeling….



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