A Last Message To My Love…

You have decided to leave me.
You have taken this decision alone.
It is a proof that you never loved me (that way) because you never believed in us. If you would have, then you would have just asked me once before taking this decision.
But, I never said anything, you want to know why?
Because I believed in us. I believed in Love. If you think you can be happy without me, I am happy.
Remember how I would do anything to make you smile? Hope my silence helps you to smile.
I am sorry I could not be what you wanted me to be. I am not that strong enough. I hurt you a lot, don’t I ? Forgive me for that as well. I know I never did it intentionally.
My every moment spent with you was beautiful. I will always remember them. I will always remember you.
But it is also true that from now on whenever I will think about you I will cry and that is why I have decided to not think about you but I know that also will not be possible.
Today I pray to God that no one ever loves me the way I loved you because I would never ever want to hurt anyone so much. I really feel bad for you. It must really hurt a lot when you know that you are the reason for someone’s tears.


And that's true....

I forgive you.
It was never your mistake. You already told me that one day you would leave me but still I loved you.
Not your fault.
But remember these words my love, one day when you go out in this world to find your love…. You will never find anyone who would love you more than I did…. Who would turn the world upside down just to make you smile… Who would die to hear your voice… To hold your hand…. Who would fight with you and then try his best to make you happy once again…. Who would accept you with all your flaws and still love you unconditionally…. Who would run after your bus…. Who would sit and wait for you….
I promise you that today. I do. You would never find such a person.
And If you do, I promise that day I would no longer be alive.
Because I would be in that another person who loves you. I just can’t leave you, I am sorry.
I thought I would write a last poem for you but I guess I no longer have my inspiration to write one….

You are a princess for me and you would always be.

There are so many other things to say but I don’t think you would like to know more non sense.
Just one last thing,
My Love,
It was very nice to know you. You taught me how to Love and then you are also the one because of whom I would never Love again. Yes, you have hurt me but you know, ” Some people are just worth getting hurt from.
If you want to know how would I be without you let me tell you….
From now on,
I will survive but I wont live.
I will laugh but I wont smile.
I will not be a whole, But just a collection of pieces.

If you cry after reading this Last Message of mine, then my purpose will be fulfilled because,
I was born in your smile, and wish to die in your tears.



40 thoughts on “A Last Message To My Love…

  1. Tears streaming down my face….wow….mission accomplished. Of course, there ‘was’ a man in my life that i wish i could have heard these words from…but would I be strong enough in the end…..Beautiful piece….

    Liked by 1 person


    My sleeping love and a wadding attended… the former was most heart touching… ’cause it was about dreams and visions of future that were shattered…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes those were shattered but it was my fault… I took someone in my dreams without her permission.. Thanks for your review… Stay connected and do comment… I’ll wait for your review. 😊
      Please smile ☺


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