Finding Happiness…

That is what is our aim in life. We want happiness.
Every decision that we take, everything that we do, we do it so that it makes us happy, so that it turns out good for us.
Remember my mistake?
I gave that decision in the hands of someone whom I believed, loved me…

We wanna spend our lives with people we love, because in love we find happiness.
I found happiness in you, and the day you left me, my happiness left me.
Why did you come in my life?
To snatch away the only heart that I had? To take away all the happiness I deserved?
I don’t wish to blame you but when I look in myself, I see that hollowness, that brokenness which I always hated.
And I can’t deny, the reason is my love.
Not you sweetheart, its My Love.

People say,” No one can survive without his heart…” And here I am, an exception.
But, what one can one do?
We have to live, live in hope, live for passion, for desire, for expectations, for the lost love.
I write not to inspire you, I write to touch your heart, your soul.
I write to feel our pain, our agony, our hate.
So I write to you all once again, if you lost your love, don’t lose your hope. This world is big, you will survive.
Go out and try to find happiness, just like me because as I said,
You don’t have a choice.

When I was in love, I lost all my contact with the world. I started living in MY WORLD. (We all have that little world of ours, don’t we?)
A World where love and happiness was to the power of infinity.
A World where there Was pain, but it never overcame the love.
Unfortunate for me, I have now come to this world.
A world of material things, a world of fake faces and lies. A world where all that matters is pleasure.
Yes, now I am one of them, finding pleasure in life. Making it my main motive. I don’t have any idea what I am doing, why I am doing…
My life has come to a pause, there is no reason, no belief… Just a bit of practicality and randomness.


I am, and you should be as well...

I want to get the wheel of my life moving, but I can’t. It is funny how I talk about giving inspiration to you, and here I am, in need of motivation myself.

When you are in love, everything just becomes a reflection of your love. Every moment is joined with that happiness, that sense of being loved…
When it all ends,
Everything just shatters, that mirror which showed that reflection, broken.
I remember how I continuously babbled about her to my friends and how now I feel uncomfortable to talk to those friends again. Memories, being the reason.
So I go out finding new friends, in some unknown people so that those memories don’t hurt me anymore.
Maybe talking to new girls would help me understand them more and maybe I would one day, understand, where did I go wrong….
For me, happiness means staying away from those memories…
Don’t know if I will succeed cause chances are always minimal… But we ought to try… Always.
So, go out and find happiness.. But do remember,
Happiness is something which cannot be attained, but only pursued….



16 thoughts on “Finding Happiness…

  1. 2710 says:

    this is really good, I have never read something that describes how I’m feeling like this. completely true. You have to go and make yourself find happiness in this materialistic world, because yes they left the shreds of us behind, broken, but why should we let our lives be on pause? they didn’t..

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  2. Thank you for that. I sincerely appreciate it. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? I know it will take time for me to forget her. But I guess that’s all can do for now. To wait to be okay.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am where you are now. I have always been told I live in a fairy tale world. Who wouldn’t want that fairy tale ending? I didn’t really know what love was until I found the right person and I thought I did. I gave him my heart and soul. I started trusting him. He said all the right things to me which made me fall more deeply in love. I never had a man be so loving and made me feel so special and good about myself. Now, I feel like he ripped it away. I feel very empty inside. I feel broken. I go on with my life and I do what I need to do but inside I am so lost. Your post is very powerful and I could feel how sad you are. Thank you for opening your heart and writing about your feelings. It stinks that we have to go through this and that we gave our hearts to another but in return they didn’t love us the way we loved them. I guess it just makes us stronger.

      Liked by 2 people

      • We are indeed same… I won’t say some more sad things to ya… If I can survive, you can as well.. I will always try to help you help you even more in getting better… Thanks for sharing your story, it did teach me a few things…Thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

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