Try and love…

Lives change. Things change. Situations change. We change.
I am not what I used to be.
I guess I have grown. I guess we just grow.
Today when I write this, I literally am at loss of words.
There are days in life when everything is just going fine. We just follow our daily routine, have some fun and in the night when we sleep we have no regrets.
There are days like this, when head aches, there are a thousand of things to do, thousand of feelings to feel and we just sit idle, just confused.

When you ask me what are my feelings about, why I smile, why I cry; I will have only one answer: it is her.
Yes, that is what she did to me or maybe I should just say, that is what I let her do to me.

Recently, we started talking again and here I am again, sitting idle. Lost in her words, finding a speck of meaning, a bit of truth in them.
When we think about that, it is the main difference between friendship and love.
In friendship, we are there for each other, say a lot of things to each other but in love, every word matters, every feeling matters, every pain matters.
It is just so funny to see, we care for each other a hell lot in love, even of bit of hurt to that person makes the other cry, and just a single word hurts like hell.
That is insane, but that is love.


Somethings are always left unsaid....

Sometimes, I get angry on myself to fall in such a stupid thing but there was a time when I loved it all so much.
That feeling, that joy, it was all uncomparable, so fascinating, so fragile.
But I took that decision in my complete sense and I am not sorry for it.
Yes, I am sorry for my eyes, they have shed a lot of tears.
Yes, I am sorry for my heart for it had to go through a lot.
But, I am not sorry for myself because overall I lived. May it be for a few days only, but I lived.

When we are happy, blissful in love, we enjoy a lot.
Then why when we are broken, aching in pain, why cant we enjoy that ?
It all just seems unfair.
It all ended so soon we feel, isn’t it?
Try and love, haha I dare you.



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