I just can’t accept…

Life. We all live our lives for a purpose. And in that one big purpose we have some small purposes.
Among them, one of the purpose of our life is finding our love.

And there is this one concept of getting into relations with people. When we are attracted to someone, we confess our feelings and if they are accepted, we get in a relation. We keep on getting in relations with different people till the time we find our love and finally settle.
What happens when you know you cant have that person when your hear says he/she is the “one”?

When those feelings are not accepted, we feel sad, heartbroken. We think that the we fell in love with that person in first sight and he/she did not accept your love. To be honest, I don’t believe in this concept.
When you fall in love, you fall in love with that complete person.
So when you look at him/her for the first time, how can you fall in love? You don’t know anything about that person?
So, falling in love at first sight? Not at all possible.

There are also stories, where those feelings are accepted, they get together, make (uncertain) promises of staying together forever and for infinity.
But sometimes, those infinities just turn out to be too short and they both separate and choose their own paths.


Harsh but true...

It is really funny for me when I talk so much about what reality is but when I look at myself; I am still pained after she left me.
Reason being that I just cannot accept that she was not the “one” for me.
I don’t have the heart to go out in this world and find someone else to spend my life with because I did fell in love.
Yes, I may talk to hundred girls each day, even get attracted towards a few but believe me guys when I tell you, every night before I sleep, I still think of her. Even if it hurts….

There is not a day I don’t cry remembering my past because there is nothing but pain in it now. Still I do, call that stupidity, call that love, call it whatever you may like but it is a thing which will never change.
Because, I just cant accept…


33 thoughts on “I just can’t accept…

  1. Time will wash away all those memories that you can’t let go of. You are in love in an image of her which you created in your mind. In time this image will either get closer to reality or fade away. Anything else is a pure torture for your soul.

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  2. oh…dear….that is sad…love is complicated….I will tell you my friends story..he loved a girl dearly,,,,she left him without a word and married an other guy….he didnt feel like living anymore….he drank poison from college,,,,,he was rushed into hospital he survived,,,,,,several years he was sad….then feel in love with an another…but this girl too..loved his money not him,,,,she too left him,,,,,and now he lives…..hoping that he will find the love of his life…and he found her…
    first love is always pain….but that doesnt mean love will not happen twice…pain might linger ……but you can live through it

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    • Yes I am aware of that fact or you can say I am an eg. of that fact. One can survive, but it gets hard to live. My greatest sympathy to your friend, because I know no words are enough for his feelings. If I could do anything, please tell me. And thank you so much. 🙂

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  3. Alaska Young says:

    Getting ur philosophies right or wrong doesn’t matters but your faith n belief does!
    You are doing a good job keep it up
    And remember whatever happens no matter how painful it is …..happens for a greater good only. .
    ..bro ! 🙂

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  4. monie127 says:

    FIrst thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Second i am so sorry for your pain. I thought i was in a relationship with true love before my husband… he hurt me badly, not physically but mentally i was starting to get messed up. THen i met my husband and i knew love can happen more then once…I learned late in life that Love is a “choice”..a painful one…but it’s a choice that both people have to make. If you believe that love only happens once then i guess that is what you believe…i hope that time will help ease the pain. it won’t go away trust me…but it may not hurt as bad anymore.

    Keep it up 🙂 your blog is wonderful.

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  5. Hey thank you so much for visiting my blog i truly appreciate it.
    Love is sweet, it is giving and trying and forgiving but it is also letting go. Love comes in different ways but until we are ready for it we will keep missing it. i wont tell you how to feel, but i will tell you that if you let it, it gets better.

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  6. I have totally been in this position before and like other people have stated, it WILL and DOES get better. You will meet someone who will blow this experience out of the water. I think we all need to experience true love and heartbreak one day to realize that true love doesn’t hurt. Although I somewhat agree that we truly only fall in love once, we grow to love and be loved by the one who heals that first wound and proves to us that we can love again, just as hard and just as easily. 😊 Thanks for sharing!

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  7. My ‘true love’ left me 21 years ago, and my life was shattered. I had been in a couple other relationships, but it didn’t take me long to realize they were not ‘the one’. I am still trying, after all these years, to get back in this person’s life, whatever the cost, because I never lost the feeling of being in love. 21 years later!

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  8. 2710 says:

    on the same boat as you… I can’t accept that he broke my heart but at the same time moving on seems like a hard concept. you can’t just fall out of love once you fall in. that is what we struggle with, how is it that your significant other wasn’t the ‘one’ when well you loved eachother? stay strong.

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  9. I guess acceptance is the start of what we call the healing process, takes time but it happens.
    …and as far as falling in love at first sight, Yes it does happen..its us that fail to recognize it, coz we think too logically…and by the time we draw our conclusions, the moment is gone, the girl is gone

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      • NO, you don’t leave it..you work towards it and become her friend..and let it develop into something beautiful. Of course that said, it cannot be forced.
        There are always two ways at looking at situations…the positive & the negative way. So what if life/love has ditched you..pick up the pieces and move on. Happens to everyone..Chill!


  10. It could also be that, one day, you meet her again and she has changed, is different, is “someone else.”
    Then, you will realize that you’ve been holding on to an ideal image of love that is no more.
    Not that it would hurt to hold an ideal image of love or other things in our heart. The problem is that they turn out not to be real (anymore).

    I’m sorry to hear that you are still hurting and longing.
    My sad experiences have taught me that it takes at least 2 years to get over a past love.

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  11. You have a great blog. I love anything inspirational, but even those of us who inspire go through painful hurts of loss. Unfortunately that’s where we get our inspiration. I’m not going to tell you it will get better. That’s not what you need to hear right now. What I will say is let yourself feel and ride it out until you’re ready to move on. Read my blog on “Letting go” maybe there will be something you can use to help you get through this.
    Thanks for following me.

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