I need to write about Love…

From Maria’s diary:
I need to think and think and write and write about love – or else my soul wont survive.
– Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho

That is the reason I write about Love.
True Love is really different. It is a feeling above any other which can surpass all the world’s hatred, anger, selfishness or anything.
It is something so beautiful, which can teach you how to live even if it takes all the reason you had for your life.


To write love...

When I look at myself what She (my love) taught me, I find a huge list.
But in the list, above all is that, she taught me how to love.
She taught me how to care about someone even if they throw you out of their life; how to silently look at someone and be happy for a few seconds, knowing, it would bring you pain for the rest of the night.

She taught me how to fall, how to cry, how to get up and how to smile.
How to give everything you have without demanding anything in return.

She taught me how to miss, how to care, how to cherish and how to bear.
How to hide all that is inside and be cheerful on the outside.

For all that, I am grateful to Love.

But I know somewhere on the inside that she still loves me, I know it.
But still I know I will do nothing, because I may love her but I don’t own her.
(Remember that my friends, Love means caring, not owning…)
I wont control her, I wont expect anything. I will just be there for you whenever you need me, because:
When she tries to hide all her feelings, she forgets I know her better than she knows herself.
I know when I get lost in the crowd, her eyes still search for me.
I know when I am going, she would turn back and look at me.
I know one day when I will not be here, she will miss me.

You say you want me to move on, but let me tell you something,
I have loved you for two years and I will love for hundred more. The reason I am still alive is I believe that someday, you will come back to me…. and even if you don’t, I will go on to love you till the day God decides to take my soul away.

I wont let my inspiration get lost in this cruel world.
I need to write about Love.


13 thoughts on “I need to write about Love…

  1. This is all so relatable.You have expressed beautifully that love is not selfish,love does not demand anything in return,love is just an emotion,that is true and pure.
    And,the girl who left you,she’s the most lucky and unlucky girl,I think.You love her unconditionally, which makes her lucky,but she’s not with you,makes her unlucky.
    I hope you two get back together someday. 🙂

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  2. I think the same sometimes. But as you don’t know let me tell you, I really did mean what i write and as far as leaving me thing goes.. She left me because she left me because SHE felt she didn’t deserve my love.


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