In a while….

Its been time. It has really been time since I have done the things I used to do.
Writing blogs, creating poems, reading novels and among all that…. feeling loved. All these things I have not been able to do in a while, which makes me wonder…. about the changes that we come across.

The mystical powers that the Time possess, to change everything which once mattered to you into nothing. To show you, how temporary most of the things are. To make you realise, you still have a long way to go.

Feelings are an exception though, they seldom change. Even if you show that you hate that person/thing, there must have been a time when you would have loved it. That feeling of love will never go away, whatever you do.

When your life takes a turn and you start losing control over yourself, you let it all go.
They say,” Sometimes its good to go with the flow.
Maybe its true, or maybe its not.
If I look at myself, that change hasn’t been so rough. Though I accept that not being able to do whatever I loved really made me feel a sense of loss but Time as I said, with its magical powers, would do something better for me.


True... To the core

So yes, I don’t say give in to life, neither can I ever say, give up to life; but there are times when you do go with the flow.
Just don’t be afraid, that you are losing control over your life and all. Have faith.
Its only that you don’t know what to do so you are just letting life reveal itself to you in its mystical ways. You are not losing control over it whatsoever.

In a while?
It will all be fine….

42 thoughts on “In a while….

  1. YourWorstFriend says:

    Shame on you… seriously… and on that note… let me tell you this: have your fun and just move on…. it won’t be that difficult for u… ’cause it’s over… totally… I don’t want to hear any word from you… I don’t want to see ur face… it’s just over and that’s it…. bye!!!!!!!!! (Takr the exclamations as an extra gift!!!!!!! You hate them no? Then have them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


    • Misunderstandings alas…
      You trusted everyone except me, how could you even think this heart that you broke will love ever again?
      But still… It is ypur wish, i will live yes… I did and i will.. You go and live with lies and your hatred…


  2. YourWorstFriend says:

    Fun Rajnish… “Fun”? Yuck!!!! Okay… who is to stop you… go and have fun… I hate you and that’s it… do you realise I had put everything I had in severe danger for you…. everything. … and u had “fun”…. when I was dying with guilt …. when I was worrying that u were so hurt…. when I was hurting myself by hurting you…. you were having “fun”…. wow just…. wow Rajnish….

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    • Dying with guilt..? Is that enough? Is that enough for a boy who was left all alone without any reason? When that boy there with tear glaced eyes and you just ignored? When he still does?
      Yes, you couldn’t ask him how is he? You couldn’t ask him what happened to him once you left? How the love he lived for was taken from him all of a sudden? How he was desperate for someone who would share his pain? I had no one you stupid, no one to look after me… To tell me what is right and wrong…
      And the truth is… That another country girl is like my sister you fool… And she asks for my help whenever she has a problem and that metro station, it was nothing but a challenge of my friend to ask her name… Which i won and let it all go… That is all it ever was…


  3. YourWorstFriend says:

    Check what u are saying inspirer… loyalty to promises… Lol! Loyalty to his love…. which love? Whose love? Where was his love when he was busy checking out someone else…. yes he is not perfect… neither am I… but what matters is whether our “us” is perfect…. which isn’t…. and about confronting him…. well whenever I even think of him… I see red… that’s the height of my anger and my hatred… and about accepting that I don’t love him… well, I read somewhere tht love is a shout in the void but now I knw better… love is a void thing… there’s nothing called love…. and what’s the point in accepting it? It won’t make my anger or my hate or my pain any less….

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    • You leave when you desire and you expect him to be in a corner and cry for you.. You are angry i know the day you cool down… Just think.. Where were you when he needed you? When it took him weeks to atart living again… To raise his eyes up to the world.. But you wont understand because you have just heard something from someone and its on your nerves (which you dont even knw is truth… ) so no use of all this… Just make sure you dont feel guilty afterwards because i know that guy better than you ever can… I know his love, i know his tears and i know his hurt… Best of luck.


  4. YourWorstFriend says:

    “Be happy” these two words are nothing but a joke to me now….. and I won’t regret this ever… I knw… I never asked for anything from him… but at least I deserved loyalty…. I deserved the truth…. guess animals are better than some humans these days…

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  5. YourWorstFriend says:

    You know nothing about it… when he said that he loves me, he should have been the one to tell me…. if he would have maybe it would have been better… even if my feelings have changed, at least they were and are true!!! I hope your words are true… I hope u are not like him… I hope u are not fake… like him…

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    • And one last thing… Do whatever makes you happy.. Dont care about anyone else… If he had done what YOU say, then he deserves it but make sure you know what you are doing because if those talks turn out to be just talks… That guilt of what you did would kill you.. I advice… Be sure always..
      Now ask yourself what you feel and think both at the same time… Believe your heart nothing else… Be happy thats all..


  6. YourWorstFriend says:

    Cheap talks about that person seldom hurts inspirer…. but it breaks u when u realise that those cheap talks are true…and what hurts more is that the realisation that the words that used to be ur lifeline were nothing but FAKE!!! that person was fake… His feelings were fake… and beautiful thing of my life was fake…

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    • If you want to believe that… Its fine but atleast you should have asked him once… You say you hate him… You used to say you love him… So changing, nothing turned out to be irrevocable… He cannot control what others say of him but atleast he is happy because he knows he had never done any wrong with anyone…. You believe what you want to… But you and me both know you should have asked him….


  7. YourWorstFriend says:

    I have already heard enough of his bullshit…. now I wouldn’t hear anything…. beautiful things always come to an end… that’s an inevitability that life has to offer other than death… you knw wht I let that guy hurt me twice…. TWICE… can u just believe this???? UGH!!! And I would have given him a third chance too which he said he wanted… but not now…. now I’ve had enough


  8. YourWorstFriend says:

    Hmm.. it’s good u never did that… u knw what? I hate that person now… I have him with every fibre of my being… I took a decision to be away from him because I used to think I was not good enough for him…that decision was for him… but now I knw that he is the one who does not deserve me… he is not good enough for me. .. and though I used to regret that decision a little…. now there are no regrets… and nothing… that decision was the best decision of my life….


    • Hey maybe you are right maybe you are not… But if you are so sure i would advice you ask that person once… You have no right to form ill opinions by hearing different stories about him… Most beautiful things end because of this only… I thought your story was different, your reason was above than doing something because of cheap talks… I.. Believe your heart not anyone else… Only it can show you what is right no one else can…


  9. How insane… We always fight.. But we cannot live without talking to each other… However far she maybe, i feel so close to her… It is all a fantasy or illusion, i dont know.. But now its all painful…


  10. YourWorstFriend says:

    Yes Inspirer… in a while everything will be better for u… and maybe by god’s grace, just in a while you would find someone else… she can be someone from another country or maybe someone u happen to come across at a metro station… just in a while u can build someone’s world and just in a while… you can shatter someone else’s.. . JUST IN A WHILE….

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  11. theoneshotatlife says:

    Thank you for the read! Sometimes I feel very lost myself, especially when things around me are all happening too fast and all at the same time. and honestly sometimes I do lose myself – but like you said. Have faith right 🙂

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  12. katherine pierce says:

    I do agree with you…all the words written hold a deep meaning…I’m saying this cause I ve felt all this and still continue to feel
    How amazing n surprising is the fact that however different people are…they still are united by same feelings. ..right ?!

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