Long time…

Again, I come back to write after a long time..
Again, I cant sleep at night…
I always wrote out of agony.. Out of pain..
And I am writing. Ironic, isn’t it?
A lot happens in our world… or if I put it simply, life happens to us.
It is just a thing about emotions,  they often knock at the doors of our hearts.  They are nothing less than those uninvited guests with a smile.  A sly smile.
I always thought I could control myself,  I could handle what no one could but I was wrong. I was just another sentimental guy who cried a lot for a girl. 
It was not that he couldn’t have her..  He could. But not for sometime to have fun,  but to have her eternally, he failed to do that because nowadays, it was nothing less than a crime,  to fall in love.
To him, she was not a girl, she was his world. He loved her more than he would ever love anyone now. She hurted him the most, but still he loved her.
But he wont now.  He is not capable anymore.

I myself never believed if anyone was capable… Any human was capable of loving any other human with all his fragile and vulnerable emotions…
But I now know, its true.
Truer than any other word in the world could be. Though I am aware that I am too inexperienced and small for all this but that is the reason I believe it is the purest thing that I would ever feel.

Here are my emotions, again knocking at my heart’s door, depriving me of my sleep, raising again those questions which will never be answered before they become insignificant.
Here I am losing hope slowly and slowly each day. Life.. Haha.. I guess is happening to me again.


Hey inspiration, I love you okay?
Not because we cant ever be together,  not because I cant stop myself from looking forward to each day quietly, not because that I cant promise you that you will be the last girl in my life,  not because I would kill the guy you would try to hang out with… but because love just happens. Out of nowhere,  it gets attached to your hearts and it just stays… And I know that one day when I am gone, you will miss me and then you will soon get busy with your life but I will come,  just like that uninvited guest,  knocking at your heart’s door, bringing both smile and tears…
Sad, but true.

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