Is it me or is it you?

It happens sometimes… Some memories are there, beautiful, yet now all they is make it all worse for us… Dont they?

We all have that. Too common for human beings. Everyday they come, remind us what happiness what meant to us once… And what they mean to us now. Makes us wonder, how life changed and how much we never wanted it to… Feelings sound too familiar? Is it that I am speaking or is it your heart?

I leave that answer… to you.

Now you will have to listen to me.. Would you like to?  So here we are, both of us sitting, heart taking us back to those days and mind, doing a lot of hard work to not allow you to… 

And what happens then, there are those few days of extreme pain and helplessness and then it becomes habit. Human nature to gradually adapt, to understand that some things are just meant to stay like that… You know those memories wont leave you, but the truth is you wont like them to, too dear for us to let it all go isnt it?

So we just keep them, our little treasure. 

And then we change, we start leading a dual life from inside… One part which lives in the past, loves it so much that it wishes every second for those days to return back…  The Other part which you show to everyone, everyday, which mayne doesnt give a damn to what happened, that “I dont care now”part,that I can live happily part…

 I cant say which part is right and which part is wrong because that would just be a wrong question. Instead, the right question would be…. Why two parts? Why when something happens to us so beyond our imagination, why does it divide us in two parts?

The sad thing is, I cant answer that question for you… It is a question which you need to answer… A question, to which I am still trying to find the answer for.. But this one answer is for meant for you all to find youself… 

Because that answer will help you, Find your own self.

So now the question is..

Is it me or is it you? Who was speaking just now? Was it me or was it your heart? I dont know that..

All I know is, Whoever it was, it will soon be back…. 

8 thoughts on “Is it me or is it you?

  1. my loss and my past has not divided me into two parts. I whole heartedly live in the past and feel the pain of that loss every day. Anything else would be fake and i cant be fake. it requires a mental strength that i do not possess.

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