This time that changes….

​I guess time changes things…. but yes, I never could have imagined it would change the people around me to such an extent. Not the blood relations maybe, they remain kind of same because all of us know that they can’t be changed… but what about friendships, relations that we create for ourselves as we move forward…. They do change because those friends or well-wishers or whatever we may call them have a choice. Choice to stay or choice to leave… unlike relations, who even though being blessed with this choice, prefer not to choose them and amazingly the queerest thing about human emotions is that it cares far more for those relations than the blood ones, maybe, even after knowing that they might be temporary. Sad… isn’t it?

So, as I sit quietly, observing my friends and well-wishers and wondering what made them change so much, I just feel this hollowness. I smile at them, a fake one, to hide all that I have been feeling about them. How can I tell them that they have changed…? How can I ask them why they are treating me like this?

Yes, that does not mean I haven’t tried, I have, and the reaction shocked me even more than their behaviour. They just behaved like nothing even happened! Even though they didn’t laugh at me but their behaviour proved that I wasn’t wrong. Maybe I am reacting too much, thinking too much but who will not feel the need of knowing the purposes of people around us… after someone whom I thought would stay forever had already left me?

It seems just so justified… though I can’t rate it right or wrong but it is just the way I feel…I am sure you must have felt the same way at some point of time… isn’t it?

So as I said before… Is it me or is it you?

3 thoughts on “This time that changes….

  1. I know exactly how you feel! My desire to understand why has kept me hanging on to unhealthy relationships for far too long, only continuing the pain and delay my own healing. I’m trying to learn myself that I may never understand and can only choose to forgive and move on.

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