My name is Rajnish Jha.
I am from India, particularly from Delhi.
A blogger. A reader. An inspirer. A helper. A friend.
If you are reading this then I can say you have become my friend.
If you wanna know more about me… Checkout my facebook page:

http:// https://m.facebook.com/rajnish.roshan.14?ref_component=mbasic_home_header&ref_page=%2Fwap%2Fhome.php&refid=8

I am sure we can take this friend relation to a new height.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. dmceo71 says:

    Thank you for your comment on my blog (U.L.C.), as per your request I came and looked at yours. Seems to be quite the heart felt setting. I would suggest a couple things if you accept my critique. I like your logo but it seems too early 2000’s esque in design, with logos growing more and more simplistic, smooth, and sharp all at the same time. It would be best to get someone to make you a new one. Fiverr.com is a great source, I can personally recommend https://www.fiverr.com/spark4hope as she was the one who made mine.

    Your theme seems to be a bit out of place for the style of your blog and writing. You have a more of a journalistic way of writing and this theme is more for large and drawn out posts. Maybe change to a more simplistic theme? Theres a lot of free ones.

    I do like your font a lot, it definitely goes with the flow and style of the blog.

    Finally perhaps change the background color (since i presume you are using the free version of wordpress.com) to a light yellow or reddish color. To correspond with your logo. In fact I think I’m going to go change my BG to match my new logo.

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  2. Hi there Rajnish! I really like your About page! :))) I’m taking a break from Facebook but I’m sure you have a great Facebook page too. take care & thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind support.

    take care,

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