One can’t always Fight…

Now, it has happened again.

I had stopped writing, again.

I don’t know with the passing days why it is getting so difficult to write, to express. Why is it that I find it so hard to search for words, search for topics to speak on?

I guess I have lost all my connectivity with my soul. All I do these days is waste my time in useless things but I know that I lack motivation. I cannot find my spirit and suddenly it all feels okay?! 

Is it so necessary to always be soulful? To see the world through a different perspective than others….?

No, I don’t think so.

We can’t always be the tough, positive people who readily struggle through life can we? Times are there when we get tired, so tired, of all this pain, all this fighting for righteouness…. That we let it all go.

We just go ahead, lie down on our couch and watch the days as they pass by. But we can’t also escape from that occasional knocks on the door of our hearts, telling us that it is all wrong. Life no longer has any point for you and before it gets too late, you need to get up and get ready to fight again! 

All this happening, and we humans, people like us, claim to live a normal, simple life!?Now this is funny!  It might be funny, but this condition we are in, is not.

I have got tired now, tired of being useless, tired of living this pointless life. I need to get up now, enough of all this sleeping and drowsiness.

My strength is in my spirit, my soul and I won’t let it die. I have my dreams, my passions, my whole life ahead of me. 

So here we are,

With a sound body and a scarred heart, ready to struggle and fight.

And we aint losing this war.