Cartoons. Creativity or Dreams?

We have all been a child sometime isn’t it?
There By God’s grace, many of us have been fortunate enough to grow in good families, providing all the eases of life. To them I ask, have you watched cartoons??
Yes. Isn’t it?
When I look at myself, I used to watch cartoons a lot but now even if I open cartoon channels by mistake, I switch them off.

So, why did I do that? I used to watch cartoons a lot but now I consider them a waste of time. Why?
Is it because I am going too much into reality and cartoons are far away from that ?

If you ask me I would say that cartoons were made to teach children how to imagine, how to dream.
Because it is the only age when we have the liberty to dream whatever we want to, to feel any feeling we desire, to wish for anything we’d love to have even if its not possible in the real world.
As we start growing up, we come into the reality of the world. We start realising that whatever we dreamt to be, was just a dream and believing that it could never be our destiny, we don’t even try. Some of us get so disappointed, that they even stop dreaming, fearing how much it would hurt to realise that their dreams, their wishes will never come true.


Always believe.

So yes, cartoons are necessary.

Never stop dreaming. I don’t say, dream yourself to be the king of the world! But yes, even that is possible. So believe in yourself and have faith in Him. Turn your dreams into your destiny with hard work and patience.
Keep your one foot in reality and one in dreams. Balance them and they will take you on a journey unimagined and unforgettable.

Dream to live. Live to dream.