In a while….

Its been time. It has really been time since I have done the things I used to do.
Writing blogs, creating poems, reading novels and among all that…. feeling loved. All these things I have not been able to do in a while, which makes me wonder…. about the changes that we come across.

The mystical powers that the Time possess, to change everything which once mattered to you into nothing. To show you, how temporary most of the things are. To make you realise, you still have a long way to go.

Feelings are an exception though, they seldom change. Even if you show that you hate that person/thing, there must have been a time when you would have loved it. That feeling of love will never go away, whatever you do.

When your life takes a turn and you start losing control over yourself, you let it all go.
They say,” Sometimes its good to go with the flow.
Maybe its true, or maybe its not.
If I look at myself, that change hasn’t been so rough. Though I accept that not being able to do whatever I loved really made me feel a sense of loss but Time as I said, with its magical powers, would do something better for me.


True... To the core

So yes, I don’t say give in to life, neither can I ever say, give up to life; but there are times when you do go with the flow.
Just don’t be afraid, that you are losing control over your life and all. Have faith.
Its only that you don’t know what to do so you are just letting life reveal itself to you in its mystical ways. You are not losing control over it whatsoever.

In a while?
It will all be fine….

Cartoons. Creativity or Dreams?

We have all been a child sometime isn’t it?
There By God’s grace, many of us have been fortunate enough to grow in good families, providing all the eases of life. To them I ask, have you watched cartoons??
Yes. Isn’t it?
When I look at myself, I used to watch cartoons a lot but now even if I open cartoon channels by mistake, I switch them off.

So, why did I do that? I used to watch cartoons a lot but now I consider them a waste of time. Why?
Is it because I am going too much into reality and cartoons are far away from that ?

If you ask me I would say that cartoons were made to teach children how to imagine, how to dream.
Because it is the only age when we have the liberty to dream whatever we want to, to feel any feeling we desire, to wish for anything we’d love to have even if its not possible in the real world.
As we start growing up, we come into the reality of the world. We start realising that whatever we dreamt to be, was just a dream and believing that it could never be our destiny, we don’t even try. Some of us get so disappointed, that they even stop dreaming, fearing how much it would hurt to realise that their dreams, their wishes will never come true.


Always believe.

So yes, cartoons are necessary.

Never stop dreaming. I don’t say, dream yourself to be the king of the world! But yes, even that is possible. So believe in yourself and have faith in Him. Turn your dreams into your destiny with hard work and patience.
Keep your one foot in reality and one in dreams. Balance them and they will take you on a journey unimagined and unforgettable.

Dream to live. Live to dream.

I need to write about Love…

From Maria’s diary:
I need to think and think and write and write about love – or else my soul wont survive.
– Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho

That is the reason I write about Love.
True Love is really different. It is a feeling above any other which can surpass all the world’s hatred, anger, selfishness or anything.
It is something so beautiful, which can teach you how to live even if it takes all the reason you had for your life.


To write love...

When I look at myself what She (my love) taught me, I find a huge list.
But in the list, above all is that, she taught me how to love.
She taught me how to care about someone even if they throw you out of their life; how to silently look at someone and be happy for a few seconds, knowing, it would bring you pain for the rest of the night.

She taught me how to fall, how to cry, how to get up and how to smile.
How to give everything you have without demanding anything in return.

She taught me how to miss, how to care, how to cherish and how to bear.
How to hide all that is inside and be cheerful on the outside.

For all that, I am grateful to Love.

But I know somewhere on the inside that she still loves me, I know it.
But still I know I will do nothing, because I may love her but I don’t own her.
(Remember that my friends, Love means caring, not owning…)
I wont control her, I wont expect anything. I will just be there for you whenever you need me, because:
When she tries to hide all her feelings, she forgets I know her better than she knows herself.
I know when I get lost in the crowd, her eyes still search for me.
I know when I am going, she would turn back and look at me.
I know one day when I will not be here, she will miss me.

You say you want me to move on, but let me tell you something,
I have loved you for two years and I will love for hundred more. The reason I am still alive is I believe that someday, you will come back to me…. and even if you don’t, I will go on to love you till the day God decides to take my soul away.

I wont let my inspiration get lost in this cruel world.
I need to write about Love.

Nights ….

Worst time of the day.
Brings out all the negativity in us.
I have always noticed it. Whenever I am sick, hurt or broken; night is the time when my heart cries, my brain aches, my love dies….
It’s usually the time I can’t focus, I can’t study, literally it’s the time I can’t do anything.
During night, I always try to sleep because I know morning will heal me, help me to look forward on to next day rather than dwelling on to past and just thinking about my mistakes.

We all face a lot of ups and downs. We struggle each day to find happiness. That’s life. That’s living.
We can’t escape nights (pain), but we can surely hope for a better morning (happiness).


Another way of perspective is the lesson pain teaches us. But many of us are unable to see it because we are too lost in our ego or our problems.
We lose hope….
I have given many examples of it in my previous posts.

” If my life wouldn’t have been cruel, I wouldn’t have learnt to value it.”
Always remember it and strive for life each day, with a new hope, new strength, new love, a new you.

Best of Luck.
( I need that too, my papers are starting! )

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