The Starry Skies…

Ever looked at the sky and felt sympathy towards yourself?
I feel with the pace that our lives are changing, we are getting more modern, with new smartphones coming out each day, with every individual incapable of communicating in real life setting up  his own virtual world;  I feel…  We have stopped looking at the starry skies…

Universe  has a plan they say, that it will give all the answers that you seek, all the knowledge that you desire…  And I don’t doubt it…
Indeed,  this world is a beautiful place.

But we, people, are social beings, incapable of surviving on our own, we need people, we need the ultimate tonic of happy life – love….

Without it we are nothing, yes, but what about the universe?  What about the love it gives you? Then why do we feel alone?
I don’t think I am capable of giving you that answer but yes I am capable of saying that however charming it may sound, it is not easy…  Not easy to feel the love of the nature, cause however philosophical we be, the truth is we are still vulnerable beings, we need people to give us love…  and as a matter of fact, its no wrong.



When I look at the sky sometimes, I realise I am not what I used to be…  I am more strong, capable of controlling my emotions (I don’t mean hiding them from others, its a different thing) and to summarise, I can say – I have grown.

You know there were times it hurted to let people go, I cried even though I knew it is all vain. I cried, because I believed I will get up next morning and never cry for that same reason again. I cried, because sometimes it is completely right to set the wild horses of your emotions free, so that next you have a better grip on them.
But whenever I cried, I looked myself in the mirror and asked myself, was this what I really am?
Those red eyes helped me find my answers. So next time you cry, do that, I am sure you will also get those answers you seek.

And maybe, next time, you wont make anyone cry because you would have know that no one deserves to let their precious tears fall….