Where does Love go???

When we were together, you wrote poems for me just like I did…
And now when I read them I wonder…

“You are the aim and the reason,
You are the answer to my orison,
You are the first and you will be the last,
Nothing matters: No future, no past….”

You wrote this for me remember?
I wonder what happened to our promises? Did this poem lost its meaning when you left me?
Your friends say you still care for me…. But is it enough?
Do you have any idea when you steal your eyes from me now?
Where did your love for me went? It just left your heart?

There are many more such questions…. And many more formulating each day …
Questions.. Which remain unanswered, or shall I say uncared to be answered…

But sometimes I really wonder… Do I really want their answers…??
Those who have gone through heartbreak must really be knowing my feelings… This post is for them…

There will be many questions in your mind as well… Some which you want your ex to answer and some directly by God.
But just stop for a minute and think…
Do I really want the answers to these questions? Would it change anything? Would there be less pain afterwards?


That is the difference... Heart feels, it does not "think"!

When I ask myself,
I feel maybe if she would have told me why she left, I would have felt better… But in the same place whatever I do, those reasons would never be justified for me… Yes, it would help me to understand my bad and work for them but still it would never mend my heart.

Guys, here is a beautiful poem, I would like to share with you….
“They say there is a reason,
They say that time will heal,
But neither time nor reason,
Will change the way I feel…
For no one knows the heart ache,
That lies behind my smile,
For no one knows how many times,
I have broken down and cried….”

They say,
“Time will heal..”
Yes, I know it will… But its really hard to fight the feeling which says,” I knew she was the one for me, I just don’t know why didn’t God agree with me…
So readers, if you really believe in your love, have faith in yourself, have faith in Him.
One day, your day, will come.
That day, if he/she comes back to you, forgive them, give them a chance… Your heart is bigger than theirs… There is nothing like the word “revenge”… You were born to love and to be loved, there is no place for hatred in your broken heart….

This is the message I want to give you.
Hope you will dwell on my word, and share it with those who might need a bit of….. “ inspiration”.



27 thoughts on “Where does Love go???

  1. Alaska Young says:

    Well inspirer…..you are becoming a bit pessimist!
    Don’t get me wrong but. ..u haven’t yet seen the world! U haven’t seen ur best of days n worst of them either

    ..hope u understand my point

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    That was a very very mean thing to say… u don’t even know whom I loved or what my story is…
    U need to love urself so that u can love someone else… it seems like u never loved her… u just needed her to love u… ’cause u are unable to do just that…. if I had hurt u than I am sorry… but dont judge me when u are blank abt my story…

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    • Yes… You loved right? You dont love anymore… Your love ended isnt it?
      And I loved her more than you can even imagine and she never believed and neither do you…
      U say I cant love myself… Yes maybe cuz she left me nothing to love in myself… Stay happy you… I ll be fine …thanks



    Sometimes u need to let people go… in order to move on… and though I knw u are gonna hate this… but seriously u need to let her go and u need to make urself better (for that u need to love and cherish urself) and one day I two will be together and u will be in her life… as u said and want….

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  4. concerned person says:

    Its not about believing in love or something, inspirer… its about believing in urself… love urself first and believe on that bond first…. when u learn that u would learn to believe and how to love again…

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    • Good…keep on loving yourself… You just proved that it was always me who was wrong… I asked just a bit of place in heart…and a bit of love… Guess she was so busy in loving herself just like you that she she never saw someone else craved for her love…
      Say no more…



    Well I like what u write because I have gone through that… and I want to tell u that whatever or however big the wounds are… in the end they always get healed… and I am not someone who doesn’t believe in someone.. I believed in him… and after it ended I still believed in him… but now I believe in myself more…. I knw I can heal… I knw I can mend…

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    • U don’t believe in him anymore? What did he do? I like that you are taking your stand .. I am sure if he really loved you he would be happy about that… Yes I know we heal… It is actually no choice whatsoever… But your strong recommendation of finding someone other shows you never believed in your love truly…



    Yes emotions are a consequence… of what we or the others do… of what we feel… but being emotional is not a bad thing at all… and u do fall in love again… there would be someone somewhere… for u… better than her… who would understand u and love u back… be positive… maybe it was not meant to happen… maybe it was not meant for forever for u two…

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    • Your statement is of someone who don’t believe in someone… I believe in my love more than i believe on myself…. Somewhere in my heart I know she is the one… She may not understand or feel my love now but one day she will… And one day I’ll come back in her life…better than what i was before… So that this times she falls in love … I wont loose…


    • Yes I am and I think it was the reason I was left alone by ever person I ever loved… And yes Whatever I did … I did with my whole heart and I also loved her with my whole heart so I guess emotionality was just a consequence…


  7. Concerned person says:

    It makes me glad that u are still positive… take care and have a happy love story…. btw I like the way u write… and what u write… I have read all of ur blogs… u are good… 🙂

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    You should just ask for answers from her… if u want or need…. maybe she will answer… maybe she will have her own questions… love never fades and never dies (who can know that better than u)… maybe she had a reason…

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    • Thank you for your feedback… What you say is the same I believe and if yes she really loved me then I am sure she just doesn’t want to acknowledge it right now.. But one day she will have to … You know they say , Some people are just worth getting hurt from.” And I am happy she taught me a lesson…


  9. concerned person says:

    Can u tell her if u need/want the answers… ask her and maybe she will give u the answers… maybe she will have her own questions that were left unanswered… and love never fades… never dies… never leaves one’s heart…

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